Borzoi With A 12-Inch Long Nose Goes Viral

If you go on social media and look at the many different “pet-fluencers” that are out there, you’ll notice that many of them have some pretty cute or unique physical features that draw you in. But one two-year-old borzoi from Virginia, went viral because people were in awe of her 12-inch nose! It was definitely an unofficial record-breaker. 

Eris is the dog with the world’s biggest nose – although it’s not official. Still, her owner, Lily Kambourina, proudly shows her off, and has even given her the adorable nickname, “Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoot.”

Kambourina adopted Eris back in 2018 when she was a puppy, and has been watching her pup soar to fame ever since. In fact, Eris is a very, very popular “pet-fluencer” on Instagram, where she has more than 1.7 million followers! She’s also on Twitter and Facebook as well. Perhaps the reason for her viral fame is people are just so in shock of her nose.

When Eris was adopted, Kambourina noted that the little pup had some dental issues. At the time, her teeth often poked out or into her gums. To this day, the dog still sometimes drops food while eating, but other than that, her large schnoz doesn’t seem to cause any other issues.

As Kambourinasaid to Metro, “She is so happy to see people and other dogs but can get very skittish around very small dogs. Sometimes she gets grumpy but it is so goofy and lovely because borzoi is very quiet. I don’t think we’ve heard her actually bark.” 

At first, Kambourina began Eris’s Instagram page as a sort of online scrapbook where she could keep pictures of her pooch. However, the dog community, as well as general interest in Eris’s unusual look, quickly began to escalate into viral fame. 

Since then, there have been lots of attention paid to the size of her nose.

One person posted on Instagram, “I still wonder what it looks like when she had to wear a muzzle. How looong would it be. Is it even possible to fit one on her sweet long snoot?”

“What an incredible dog! I’ve never seen one before,” another commented.

Additionally to the online attention, Kambourina has often been stopped by people who are curious to know what kind of breed of dog she is.

Kambourina stated, “We get stopped a lot when we are walking Eris because most people are trying to figure out what breed she is, but we’ve started finding paths through the neighborhood where we can actually get a walk done.” 

Of course, all this attention and fame doesn’t really seem to faze the long-snouted dog. She’s just happy being herself. 

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