Bulldogs Try To Bring Their New Pool Inside The House

Summer is all fun and games until it gets really hot and you’re unable to escape the heat. Summertime is a wonderful time of year. It’s fun to visit the beach, have a backyard barbecue, or just relish in the extra-long days. But sometimes if temperatures rise above a certain temperature it can get a little bit uncomfortable. I have been having to remember to chug my eight or more glasses of water a day in order to avoid the heat headaches that tend to creep up on me during summer months. But for those of us with dogs, we need to be careful with them during summertime. The last thing we want is our dogs succumbing to heatstroke if they get too warm with the heat. 

As dog owners, we all have our different tried and true methods of making sure our dogs stay comfortable. We all make sure that they always have plenty of fresh water. Those of us with AC most likely bring our dogs into the house and crank up the AC so that they’re nice and comfortable. If we own long-haired dogs, we probably get them shaved for the warm months. Another little method that we probably all have tried is either turning on the sprinklers for our dogs or setting out a little wading pool for them. 

And that is exactly what one dog owner did for her two bulldogs. Filming the whole thing, the owner managed to capture one of the funniest videos ever that features wading pools and dogs. The video starts off normal enough. One of the pups sniffs the water and drinks some, while the other dog steps in and gets his feet wet. This dog that got into the blue plastic paddling pool happened to be named Gus. He stood in the pool for a few minutes – long enough to get a brilliant idea.

And we applaud his attempted execution of this idea. The clever bulldog quickly figured out that the only thing that would make his paddling pool that much better, would be if he could enjoy it from the comfort of his home. Much to the chagrin of his owner, that is exactly what he attempted to do. In the funny clip, Gus tries his best to drag the pool back inside the house. This meant that the water ended up going everywhere, but we still have to applaud his tenacity and critical thinking skills. 

Watch the video below: 

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