Busch Is Offering A 3-Month Supply Of Beer To People That Foster A Dog During COVID-19 Crisis

While the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the globe, many of us are holed up in our houses with no real idea of when we’ll be able to get resume life as normal. Given that so many people are at home, there has been a push from many shelters and rescues to help them out by fostering a dog or cat during this time. And the beer company, Busch Beer, is also getting in on the charity, by offering 3 months’ worth of beer to anyone who wants to open their homes up to a doggie foster.

The beer company tweeted a photo of a puppy in a Busch Beer cardboard box, saying, “Everyone could use a companion for the couch right now. So if you foster (or adopt) a dog from Midwest Animal Rescue, we’ll give you 3 months’ worth of Busch to enjoy by their side.”

Busch Beer partnered with Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS), in order to provide anyone who fills out an application to foster between the dates of March 25th and April 22nd, a chance to win a three-month supply of Busch Beer, along with a furry buddy to drink it with.

Those who have entered the contest with be either fostering or adopting a dog. Of course, the chance at free beer shouldn’t be the motive, but rather helping out innocent animals in need.

After finishing up the application process, those who applied receive a confirmation email from MARS – and from there, a photocopy of the email should be then sent to Busch, either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram via DM. In order to register for the giveaway, you have to follow Busch via social media.

The winner is then going to be notified via direct message once the drawing is complete. According to Busch, the winner will be receiving their prize via a $100 pre-paid debit card that can be used to buy the beer.

Great motivation for fostering or adopting a pet, but let’s not forget that the real reason you should enter is because you are in a position to help a dog in need – not because you want beer. Pets are a life-long responsibility.

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