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A dog has all the props like a physic.
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How Dogs Have A Sixth Sense

Recently, we ran a story asking whether or not dogs can read our minds, and the conclusion is that apparent canine psychic ability is an illusion. What’s really going on is that dogs are so in tune to us that they learn to predict what we’re going to do before we realize we’re even giving any signs of our intentions. But there are other cases when dogs apparently know things well in advance that they could not possibly know — when an earthquake or storm is coming; when a human is going to have a seizure or has certain illnesses,

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Cesar Millan with a pack of dogs.
Cesar Millan

Dispelling Myths

Every January, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a great leader who lost his life in the fight for human equality. He was an inspiring public speaker, which came from his background as a Baptist minister. I also learned while looking up his story that he worked against poverty and war, something I think a lot of people have forgotten. But there’s something else that Dr. King did that I think was more a result of his actions than his intentions, a byproduct of his crusade for equality. Dr. King didn’t only speak out against racism. Through his deeds,

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A dog goes for a walk on a nice day.
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Taking A Bite Out Of A dozen Common Dog Myths

There are lots of expressions in many languages that involve dogs in a metaphorical way. “A barking dog seldom bites,” for example, really means the same thing as “all talk and no action.” “Let a sleeping dog lie,” which is probably a good idea when taken literally, figuratively means to not bring up an old argument. Then there are things that people say about dogs that are not true — for example, a dog does not age seven years for every human year; the actual calculation is a little more complicated. Here are the top twelve myths about dogs, debunked.

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Friday The 13th Urban Legends: Dog Edition

In honor of Friday the 13th, let’s take a look at some common dog urban legends from around the world. Greece has several superstitions regarding dogs. Grecians believe that dogs can foresee evil, according to an ancient legend, dogs were aware when Hecate was at a crossroads, foretelling a death. In Greece, dogs are also believed to be aware of the presence of ghosts, and their barking, whimpering, or howling is often the first warning of supernatural occurrences. Native Americans believe that dogs are in-tune with and somehow connected to the moon because they howl at it, but some say

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Cesar Millan in dark tunnel

The Other Refugees

By Cesar Millan Refugees have been all over the news recently — whether it’s Syrian refugees in Europe, or tens of thousands of refugee children from Central America crossing the border into the U.S. via Mexico. These are stories I can relate to, because I once made that journey myself, although at least I wasn’t fleeing a situation where my life was in danger. Now, while some people want to welcome them and others don’t, I haven’t heard anyone seriously suggesting that we should just shoot these people, especially women and children, because there are too many of them and

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Cesar with dog and band
Cesar's Blog


By Cesar Millan This last week, I celebrated my 45th birthday with friends and family. For some reason, birthdays divisible by five are a big deal to humans. Maybe it’s because of how many fingers we have. Maybe not. If dogs could count, maybe they’d be very interested in numbers that end in four. Or maybe they wouldn’t be. Because there’s one big difference between how we see the world and how dogs see it. Dogs see the world through their instincts, so things like math or historical dates or birthdays mean nothing to them. But humans see the world

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What You Need to Know About Spay And Neuter Myths

Pet overpopulation and euthanasia are a continuing problem. Be a part of the solution: spay or neuter your pets. Spaying or neutering your dog is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Unneutered male dogs that are not able to mate experience frustration, which can lead to aggression. Unspayed female dogs attract unwanted attention every six months. From a psychological and biological point-of-view, it is the best thing for your dog. When you get your dog spayed or neutered, be sure your dog is in a calm and balanced state. Never spay or neuter a frustrated, nervous, tense, aggressive, or

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