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6 Types Of Working Dogs and Their Specific Jobs

While most of our dogs are spoiled pets that do no work harder than begging for treats, many dogs were originally bred for working. Knowing what your working dog was meant to do can really help you understand its behavior. If you are looking for a new dog, knowing about the breed(s) can help you pick one that fits your family. Herding Dogs Possibly best known from the famous collie depicted in “Lassie”, herding dogs (German Shepherds, Shetland sheepdogs, border collies, Cannan dogs, Komondors, etc) were bred to help ranchers move their livestock. In addition to herding, a lot of

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Famous Working Dogs

Ah, Labor Day. That one day a year when we Americans celebrate the contribution of workers to our society by… taking the day off. But as we pause to reflect on those of us who work hard each day, we should also take time to reflect on some other workers — those that never go on strike, never ask for a pay raise, and never request extra vacation. They are the working dogs. Working dogs come in all types, from search and rescue, to guiding, to performing. In our celebrity-obsessed culture. Let’s pay homage to some famous working dogs this

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