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‘Leader Of The Pack’ Episode 12: Saving Sophia

Sophia was rescued by Italian authorities from a man who was illegally keeping twelve dogs in substandard conditions. Incarcerated in a shelter for most of her life, Sophia never learned to socialize or trust people. She is terrified of everything, and when a human tries to approach her, she collapses in fear. She spends most of her time hiding in her kennel, and has to be carried out by two shelter workers when they want her to leave the building. Dogs like this are rarely adopted because nobody sees them, which is a shame, because Sophia is definitely not aggressive

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Cesar Milan Dog Nation

Dogs With Jobs

By Juliana Weiss-Roessler Every dog needs a job, whether it’s carrying a backpack on the walk or fetching a ball. It helps boost their self-esteem to feel like they’re contributing to their pack. But some dogs play an important role beyond their immediate human family. They help keep us safe, assist those with disabilities, and manage our livestock. Here’s an overview of these dogs, their duties, and the training they must go through to become employed in these essential canine positions. Police Dogs A dog’s nose is its biggest asset in police work. They receive special training to help their

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Cesar Shares His Life Story, Including The Ups And Downs

Cesar Millan holds nothing back when discussing the good, the bad and the ugly as he reflects on his personal life story in the one-hour biopic, “Cesar Millan: The Real Story.” The documentary features the comprehensive, behind-the-scenes story of Millan’s incredible rise from poverty to fame. The one-hour special follows Cesar’s incredible rise from impoverished illegal immigrant to celebrity dog trainer to international superstar. The cameras roll as he embarks on his latest Cesar LIVE world speaking seminar, begins filming his Nat Geo WILD television series “Leader of the Pack” in Spain, and leads thousands of dogs and owners on

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Cesar On TV

Junior’s Story

If you’ve seen Cesar live or have watched his recent TV shows, then you’ve met Junior, the gray and white pit bull who is always by his side. Junior celebrates his birthday every year in August, on the same day as Cesar’s but, as many of Cesar’s fans know, Junior is the second pit bull to hold the position of “right-hand dog,” having taken on that mantle when Cesar’s previous pit bull, Daddy, passed away on February 19, 2010. This is Junior’s story. Daddy’s story Junior’s story really begins almost twenty years ago, when Cesar first met four-month-old Daddy in

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Dogs Allowed: An Interview with José Feliciano

All Photos Courtesy of José Feliciano By Brian Fischler He’s internationally known, and he’s known to rock the microphone. He does so in both English and Spanish, providing fans globally the pleasure of enjoying his voice and guitar playing. For six decades, this international superstar has performed with the who’s who of the music world, including Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, and Johnny Cash, and is a nine-time Grammy Award winner. His hit “Feliz Navidad” can be heard playing all over the world during Christmastime, and is still one of the most widely downloaded songs. He has a star

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A Subject Close To Your Dog’s Heart

By Cesar Millan This week is the beginning of spring for my fans north of the equator and the beginning of fall for my fans to the south. This spring is a particularly good one for me because I’m back on TV in my all-new show “Cesar 911,” but every spring is a favorite time of year of mine because now Mother Nature wakes up from her long sleep of winter and everything begins to blossom and grow again. But there are some things that come back again in the spring and summer that can be very dangerous for our

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Cesar Millan

Cesar’s Special Makes The Case For Pit Bulls

There was a time when the pit bull was one of the most popular family pets in the country. President Theodore Roosevelt, Gen. George Patton and Helen Keller all owned pits. But today, the breeds are more closely associated with gangs and violent dogfighting, making them among the most vilified — and unwanted — dogs in America. But are they really more dangerous or naturally aggressive than other breeds? Or should humans and bad training share more of the blame? For Cesar Millan, pit bulls and other dogs classified among the so-called “bully breeds” aren’t bullies at all. “Cesar Millan:

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Cesar 911 (“Cesar to the Rescue”)

‘A Short Guide to a Happy Dog’ Excerpt

Your Dog’s Happiness Matters The single most important activity you can take part in with your dog is the walk. It provides exercise and mental stimulation for your dog, and affirms your position as the Pack Leader. In addition to maintaining calm, assertive energy, you should always use a short leash, with the collar located at the top of your dog’s neck. This allows you to give corrections with a quick tug to the side, which will redirect your dog’s attention. On the walk, your dog should always be next to or behind you. If your dog is in front

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