Aggressive Toward People

an aggressive dog is ready to attack
Aggressive Dogs

When (Several) Dogs Attack…

Having an encounter with one aggressive dog while you’re out is bad enough, and worse if that dog attacks your own. But what do you do if more than one aggressive dog go after you or your dog? We’ve already explained what to do when dogs attack, and many of the techniques described there will help. But the complication with multiple dogs is that they will attack as a pack. In the wild, dogs do this by sending the more submissive dogs around behind the prey while the dominant dogs approach from the front, so the most important thing to

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Aggressive About Things or Places

Cesar’s Answers From The Air

By Cesar Millan Nine hour plane flights are great for looking through more of your email questions and writing some answers, so here we go. Post Attack Trauma Question: Nancy A., California: Two days ago as my boyfriend was with our English bulldog Django, a pit bull came and attacked both of them. Django was left with a swollen face and a deep abrasion and my boyfriend was left with a fractured finger and bites on his hand trying to save our puppy. Django is acting his old self and is recovering great but I am concerned as to what

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two dogs fighting
Aggressive Dogs

The Rundown On Aggression

By Cesar Millan When people ask me for help with their dogs, I ask them to tell me what they think the problem is. Quite often, they immediately diagnose aggression. “My dog is aggressive on the walk.” “My dog is aggressive around food.” “My dog is aggressive all the time.” In fact, in a recent Facebook survey of my fans, when we asked you to pick the single most serious problem you have with your dogs, aggression was the number one choice. However, more often than not, the dog is not aggressive. It is curious and excited on the walk,

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