Anxious When Left Alone (Separation Anxiety)

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Avoiding Back To School Doggie Blues

As September approaches again, that means it’s back to school time for many households. With all the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready and off for school, it can be easy to forget the dog. While back to school is usually an exciting, fun time for the humans in the home, for your dog it can mean loneliness and boredom. All summer long, there was most likely someone home with your dog — the older students on break, or little ones with a babysitter. Now that everyone is back to their fall schedules, your dog may feel neglected

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You may have heard of the “placebo effect.” This is a phenomenon that happens when people take harmless or inactive substances, like sugar pills, with the belief that they are medicine, and then their body reacts as if they had taken an actual drug. The Scoop on Placebo It’s most used in clinical trials of new medications, typically with half the people getting the test drug and half getting placebos. Ideally, neither the patients nor the doctors running the trial know which is which until researchers look at the data after the fact. The whole point of this is to

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