Housebreaking Issues


Secrets To Housebreaking Adult Dogs

  When most people think about housebreaking a dog, they imagine an adorable little scamp that fits in the palm of their hand and plays with toys all day — in other words, a puppy. But what if you have an older dog that isn’t housebroken because she’s a rescue? The rules for training adult dogs can be a bit different. First and foremost, you want to determine two things: The issue isn’t due to a medical problem. The soiling isn’t a behavioral issue. If you discover that the issue is related to either of those things, there are specific

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A dog pees inside, marking his territory
Aggressive About Things or Places

What Is Territorial Marking And How To Stop It?

Let’s face it, dogs are territorial animals by nature. They like to protect their territory, their family, and their belongings. Territorial marking is different from urination because it is only a small amount to make other dogs aware that this is their territory. When people notice that their dog has been marking around the house, it is not usually done out of spite, but out of insecurity. For a dog, this insecurity may be a sense that their area is under siege by another person or animal inside the house, or even outside in some cases. Territoriality is not always

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A cute dog relaxes in her crate with a comfortable bed and blankets. Pet owners sometimes face the challenge of their puppy randomly peeing and pooping in the crate.
All About Dogs

Dog Problem: Puppy Soiling Crate

Question from Jesica Mcauliff: I have a 3-month-old pit bull/boxer mix puppy that my husband and I have been crate training. Lilly had been doing really well not soiling her crate, but recently she has been doing it everyday, even if she is only in there for a few hours. We have tried everything to break her of this habit but nothing works. Please, do you have any advice? Cesar Millan’s Answer: Well, Jessica, the first thing you need to get out of your head is that you’ve “tried everything.” If it keeps happening, you haven’t tried everything! What I

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Dog Soiling Crate

Dear Cesar, My husband and I have a male, 12 month old Cocker Spaniel/Pomeranian mix. We have been crate-training him, and he has virtually no problems at night. But since we’ve been crating him during the day for the last two weeks, he ALWAYS soils the crate in some way.It doesn’t seem to matter whether there’s bedding in there or not. We both work far from home, and he’s in his crate for 10-12 hours a day. Our female, 4 year old Toy Rat Terrier does fine and has for years. Is our 12 month old still too young? How

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