Oral Misbehavior

A puppy has collected his owner’s shoes while she is away at work. Separation anxiety is causing the dog to chew on items that are forbidden.
Cesar Milan Dog Nation

Steps to Stop Dog Chewing

It’s happened to all of us. We come home from a long day at work, and our dog is excited to see us. But when we enter the door, we realize that our house has been turned into a disaster zone. Chewed-up furniture, shredded pillows, and god knows what else… It’s enough to make you never want to leave your dog alone again. But don’t worry – there are ways to stop your dog from chewing everything in sight. This post will outline tips and tricks for preventing your pup from ruining your favorite things. Understand Why Your Dog is

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A puppy chews on his owners shoe.
All About Dogs

The Causes Of Unwanted Chewing — And How To Stop It

Our dogs may be family, but that doesn’t mean they’re always the best roommates. And one of the most common complaints we humans have about our canine roomies is the chewing. Why do they always go straight for the newest pair of shoes? The important document you needed for today’s meeting? The arm of the sofa? There are many possible causes of destructive chewing. By identifying why your dog is engaging in the behavior, you’ll find it’s much easier to figure out how to stop it. Reason’s Dogs Chew Puppyhood Just like human toddlers like to put things in their

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A dog chews at a flea.
Chewing Things Up

Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Chewing On Himself

  It’s perfectly natural and normal for dogs to occasionally chew on their legs, feet, ears, and tails. This behavior is no different than when you scratch an itch — it provides relief. However, if you notice that your dog is constantly chewing herself, it may indicate a deeper problem — particularly if the chewed area has become sore, red, inflamed, or furless. So what is going on? It may be because of one of the following problems: Dry skin Your dog may be biting himself in an attempt to relieve the itchiness of dry skin, which could be caused

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A dog licks her owner.
Dog Behavior

Why Do Dogs Lick And Different Kinds Of Licks

Do you ever ask yourself “Why do dogs lick?” Although licking is a common behavior in dogs, many dog owners don’t fully understand what this manner means. Dog licking may occur when he’s physically hurt himself, when his environment has changed or simply when you offer him affection. But why do dogs lick and what is it that they’re trying to communicate with us? Let’s uncover the truths behind dog licking and what this behavior means. Dogs lick their pack members and themselves for many reasons, and if you want to curb the behavior, it helps to understand its cause.

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Aggressive About Things or Places

How To Keep Your Dog From Raiding The Trash

  You come home and your floor is scattered with empty tin cans, shredded up boxes, and food packages that have been ripped to shreds. The trash can is toppled over. Your dog sits in the middle of the mess, her eyes wide and apologetic. As a loving dog owner, you may be tempted to let the occasional secret trash feast slide. But when your dog breaks into your trash while you’re away, she’s not only making a mess, she’s endangering her health. Every year, far too many dogs die from eating an item from the trash they weren’t supposed

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A dog digs in the trash looking for a snack.
Chewing Inappropriate Objects

Things My Dog Ate

Have you ever found something bizarre in your dog’s droppings or had to rush to the veterinarian because he ingested something that he shouldn’t have? Even the best-trained dogs have had days where they decided to munch on something outrageous. This is such a common problem that there have been entire shows, such as Nat Geo Wild’s “My Dog Ate What!?!”, dedicated to sharing the stories of what dog owners have discovered that their pets swallowed. While we strictly recommend an immediate trip to the vet upon finding out that your pup slurped down anything non-edible or deemed hazardous, we

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All About Dogs

Obsessive Dog Licking

  Dear Cesar, I have a 3-year-old toy Australian shepherd dog named Gina. She is an absolutely wonderful dog with a few challenges, one in particular that I need some advice on… obsessive licking. She is completely obsessed with licking all the time! My dog licks the air, your arms, your face, in your mouth, other dogs, furniture, herself, etc. She also experiences anxiety and fear and I wonder if the licking may be a result of that. Is there anything that we can do to help control this? Sincerely, Jeni & Gina   Jeni, I think you’re correct that

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All About Dogs

My Dog Eats Everything

Dear Cesar, I have a 1-year-old pitbull named Raven. I have followed your methods since day one, and she is well-behaved dog and an awesome ambassador for her breed. But, there’s one problem we are unable to overcome: food obsession. Raven is walked and or biked twice a day. She’s a low-medium energy dog. I can tucker her out very easily. As far as Discipline goes I use the “touch”, say no, and put the food back (if I can). When I leave the room, I command her to come as well. Raven gets into trouble when no one is

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Cesar Millan

Your Dog Has A Secret

I hate to break it to you, but your dog is an addict. She may appear absolutely normal and function perfectly well, probably follows commands (usually), and plays nicely with others at the dog park. But if she doesn’t get her fix regularly, it can make her a little crazy. What is Your Dog Addicted To? If this description seems harsh, then it’s because humans tend to associate the word “addict” with the word “drugs,” and you probably have an image in your mind to go with it — some disreputable looking person, dressed shabbily, lying in an alley with

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A puppy bites her owner.

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting And Chewing

Young dogs learn to explore the world with their mouths since they don’t have hands that they can grab things with. Often, this inevitably leads to a puppy nipping or biting at anything that comes near its face, particularly parts of people, as well as to destroying anything around the house it can get its teeth on. While it can be cute when a tiny puppy tries to do it, it’s an important habit to break because nipping and destructive chewing are two the biggest reasons that adult dogs wind up abandoned in shelters once the cute factor wears off.

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