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My Dog Eats Everything

Dear Cesar, I have a 1-year-old pitbull named Raven. I have followed your methods since day one, and she is well-behaved dog and an awesome ambassador for her breed. But, there’s one problem we are unable to overcome: food obsession. Raven is walked and or biked twice a day. She’s a low-medium energy dog. I can tucker her out very easily. As far as Discipline goes I use the “touch”, say no, and put the food back (if I can). When I leave the room, I command her to come as well. Raven gets into trouble when no one is

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Rock-Eating “Pica” Pup

We have a 7-week-old Rottie/Dobie mix puppy. He was gotten from a rescue organization that was pretty shabby looking. He came to us with ticks, terrible diarrhea (which we are managing) and a terrible behavior: compulsive rock eating. He doesn’t randomly pick up rocks, he eats them as fast as he can scoop them into his mouth – he seems desperate to eat rocks. In his last stool, I counted 45 rocks (and those were the ones I could see). We try to keep him confined to our grassy area when he’s outside, but he still manages to find rocks.

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