Dog Breed Quiz

Dog Breed Quiz

What Breed Of Dog Are You?

If you were a dog, what dog breed would you be? Take our dog breed quiz below and find out! 1. You’ve had a long week at work and it’s time to unwind. Which weekend activity are you most likely up to? a. Spending the majority of your Saturday lounging around in bed and watching movies b. Treating yourself to a massage or day of pampering at the spa c. Digging up weeds and working in your garden d. Spending the day at the beach or lake e. Taking a karate class or hitting the gym f. Going for a

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What Kind Of Dog Breed Are You? Results

Thank you so much for participating in our dog breed quiz! Here are the results! Mostly A’s: Bulldog: Silly, relaxed and romantic Mostly B’s: Poodle/Toy Breed: Fashionable, health conscious, and likes to be pampered. Mostly C’s: Terrier: Fun, extroverted, competitive Mostly D’s: Labrador: Loves the outdoors, adventurous, friendly Mostly E’s: German Shepherd: Protective, intelligent, and loyal Mostly F’s: Pit Bull: Family-oriented, sporty, and kind-hearted Mostly G’s: Mixed Breed: Easy going, diverse, and fun-loving 0

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