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Things You Can Do To Extend Your Dog’s Life

We all want to keep our pets with us as long as possible, which is why we need to give them a certain level of care. Most dogs, depending on size, can live ten to fifteen years if they are in good shape mentally and physically. Here are some things that you can do to extend — and improve the quality of — your dog’s life. 5 Tips Maintain Your Dog’s Teeth Tooth decay is a very common, yet dangerous health problem for dogs. This is because tooth decay not only creates dental problems, but it can cause infections throughout

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Dog Care

Dog Years

By Jon Bastian Ask most people how to determine a dog’s age in human years, and they’ll probably say, “Multiply by seven.” However, this method is inaccurate, and more so the older a dog gets. For a twelve year-old dog, the result could be off by over twenty years. Multiplying by seven only comes close while a dog is four and a half years old. Dog’s Age Faster Than Humans Dogs mature faster than humans, reaching the equivalent of twenty-one years in only two, but then aging slows to an average of four human years every year after. Dogs under

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Dog Size And Lifespan: When Bigger Isn’t Better

By Jon Bastian Dog lovers have no doubt noticed that smaller dogs live longer than large ones, and now there’s a scientific study to back that up, as well as a few hypothesis as to why this is true. When compared to the lifespan of other mammals, “smaller size, longer life” would at first glance appear to be counter-intuitive, especially to families that have gone through short-lived pet rats (2 years), hamsters (3 years), or gerbils (4 years). In the non-pet category, chimpanzees live shorter lives than humans — about 45 years vs. 70 years — and elephants have a

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Quick Tips For Delivering Puppies

Whelping, which is what the canine birth process is called, is something that should only be handled by people with prior experience, but if you ever do find yourself having to oversee the delivery of a litter of pups, here’s what you need to know to assist. The two most important things to remember before we go into detail, though, are these: The mother dog knows what to do by instinct, so she should do most of the work. More than at any other time, you need to heed Cesar’s advice to remain absolutely calm. Whelping can be a stressful

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