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A pet owner cleans her dog's ears.
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How To Clean Dogs’ Ears

  There are three important things that you need to know about dogs’ ears: They’re sensitive, so they need regular maintenance to prevent infections. Dogs don’t want their ears cleaned, so you’re going to have to work with them. If you don’t do it the right way, you can cause serious damage. So how exactly do you go about cleaning your dog’s ears to keep him or her healthy? Make it Positive – Keep the Dog Happy Unless you want a squirmy pooch that makes the process a lot more difficult — and take a lot longer — it’s important

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A pet owner lifts her dog's ears to examine a smell.
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Smelly Ears

My almost five month-old Goldendoodle has smelly ears. I took her to the vet and was told that there weren’t any infection/mites. The vet did not smell the odor and recommended a weekly ear wash. I still notice the odor. Do you suggest anything additional that I can use that is not harmful and can be used as needed? Thank you in advance for your time. Debbie Dr. Weaver Answers Dear Debbie, Unpleasant smells are usually signs of abnormalities. If your nose is as sensitive as mine, sometimes the problem can be subtle. If the smell is definitely coming from

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