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A dog has its paw wrapped due to an injury from walking on hot pavement. Learn how to administer first aid at home if this should happen to your pup.
Dog Care

Treating Blisters On Paws

I recently saw an episode that said dogs need about a 45-minute walk per day. Well, I started walking my miniature dachshund this week, but we have only walked about 20 minutes each day so far. I noticed today after our walk that she was licking her paws a lot, and I was concerned. I just looked at them again, and she now has a couple of blister-looking sores on her pads. What should I do to help her with the pain and make sure her paws heal properly? Thanks, Tamara Richardson Boiling Springs, SC Dear Tamara, We see this

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Fear Of Nail Cutting

Dear Cesar, My dog Honey will NOT let us cut her toe nails. She is petrified. How can we do this? She is a therapy dog for elderly people and needs her nails cut on a regular basis. She has some anxiety issues. They arose after her brother Bear passed away this summer. She saw it. Could this have caused her anxiety? Please help us. We need to be able to cut her nails and don’t know what to do. Our vet suggested drugging her. We tried this and she was sooo out of it. Help!!! Sincerely, Janine Thomas –

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a puppy plays in the snow without the right protection

Winter Proofing Your Dog’s Paws

Winter can be brutal on our dog’s paw pads. Exposed to the elements and toxic chemicals, the paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, trauma, frostbite and chemical burns. Luckily, there are some tips and products out there that can help keep your dog’s paws happy and healthy this winter. Many protective balms are available to help protect your dog’s paws, and even some human products can do the trick. Do your research. Once you find the balm that you like, take these steps: Prep the Paws Before using the balm, make sure the paw is ready. Good grooming

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