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Child With Fear Of Dogs

Hi Cesar, My niece Rea, age 10, is very fearful of dogs. She had a small dog nip her where she was raised in the Philippines and she never got over it. She’s been here about a year and one-half with her mom. We watch your program together, we’ve been to the animal shelter, we’ve had an uneven visit with a friend’s small dogs. In theory Rea says she’s not afraid anymore, but when faced with the reality of even just a friendly sniffing dog, she freezes, yells and generally emits fear for a hundred yards around her. Rea wants

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Cesar Millan

Louder Than Words

“Are you ready?” It’s a simple enough sentence, isn’t it? But, on paper, it’s impossible to tell the intention. Is the speaker happy, angry, excited, impatient, or something else? It could be a hopeful question between two people who are about to walk down the aisle together, or a complaint from someone who’s tired of always being late because of their spouse. One human skill that many people are not the greatest at is listening. Yes, we may hear all of the words, but we don’t always hear the intention correctly. Fortunately, this is yet another area where our dogs

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Cesar Millan

Our Magic Mirror

Mirrors have long been associated with the truth, whether it’s Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised showing people who look into it their sincerest wishes, or the magic mirror on the Evil Queen’s wall that tells her Snow White is the fairest of them all, leading to all kinds of trouble. This connection is made clear in the lyrics to a very popular song written by Marco Antonio Solis: “El espejo no miente,” which is Spanish for “the mirror doesn’t lie.” Another way to put it is that a mirror only reflects the truth. Lucky for us, when we have dogs,

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Be Aware of Your Energy

You Can’t Change The Weather, But You Can Change Yourself

One thing I’ve learned about the weather in L.A. is that it’s unpredictable. The best way to describe it is “consistently inconsistent.” We can go from gloomy and foggy one day to hot and sunny the next, and if you want to know what season it is, you need to look at a calendar, not out the window. We can go months with meteorologists predicting rain three days away, but that rain never comes. It can make it very difficult to prepare for the day, especially when you head out in the morning dressed for hot and sunny and come

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10 Principles for Achieving Balance

My Dog Is Perfect, Except When…

I talk a lot about energy, especially calm and assertive energy, but now I’d like to talk about two other words that relate to energy. The first is “inertia.”  When scientists use the word, they mean it in a strictly physical sense. “Inertia” describes how an object tends to keep on doing what it’s doing. If it’s moving, it will keep moving until something stops it. If it’s not moving, it will sit there until something gives it a push. The second word is “momentum.”  It refers to the fact that once an object is in motion, it’s hard to

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