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Why Are Dogs’ Noses Wet?

If you own a dog, you are most likely familiar with the feeling of a wet, cold nose nuzzling you as your pup greets you each time you walk in the door. You may also be familiar with the feeling of a moist nose from a stranger’s dog as it sniffs your hand. Although the sensation of a wet nose may feel normal to any dog lover, have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why are dogs’ noses wet?” The question of why a dog snout is wet may seem simple, but it has some interesting answers. Dogs’ noses are

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Cesar hugs a dog he has been training.
Cesar Millan

It All Makes Scents

Three years ago today, humans did something amazing. After a trip of nearly eleven years, the European Space Agency put a probe in orbit around a comet and placed a lander on that comet. Okay, that lander, Philae, didn’t quite end up the way it was supposed to, but it was still an impressive feat. That probe had to travel 310 million miles to get precisely to an object only 2.5 miles across — only slightly wider than Manhattan at its widest point. But that’s one of the things that humans do. We explore. Of course, we have to build

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Cesar Millan hugs a cute dog
Cesar Millan

Louder Than Words

“Are you ready?” It’s a simple enough sentence, isn’t it? But, on paper, it’s impossible to tell the intention. Is the speaker happy, angry, excited, impatient, or something else? It could be a hopeful question between two people who are about to walk down the aisle together, or a complaint from someone who’s tired of always being late because of their spouse. Listening Is Hard One human skill that many people are not the greatest at is listening. Yes, we may hear all of the words, but we don’t always hear the intention correctly. Fortunately, this is yet another area

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A cute dog engages eye contact with a stranger.
10 Principles for Achieving Balance

Principle 6 For Achieving Balance: Nose, Eyes, Ears

The 4th Natural Dog Law tells us that a dog’s senses form her reality. She perceives the world through her nose, eyes, and ears (in that order). That’s very different from our human way of eyes, ears and nose. Mind Your Dog Manners That means if we’re not thoughtful in the way we meet and approach dogs, we can easily breach dog etiquette ‘ possibly sparking unwanted behavior. ‘Nose, eyes, ears’ helps us mind our dog manners. When humans meet for the first time, we make eye contact and often exchange a handshake or hug. It’s very direct and face-to-face.

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Dog Care

The Seeing Eye

Since 1929, The Seeing Eye® (TSE) in Morristown, NJ has been training the visually impaired and dogs to work with one another as partners, helping to maintain active lifestyles. On their 60-acres of land in the Washington Valley, 325 dogs reside and train to be seeing-eye dogs.  The process of matching a guide dog with its new owner begins from puppyhood.  All of the dogs used at The Seeing Eye are bred within the program.  In order to sustain a healthy and genetically monitored group of guide dogs, The Seeing Eye maintains a selected group of German shepherds, Labrador retrievers,

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Dog Owner Alerted To Breast Cancer By Canine Companion

womanRemember the Golden Retriever who gave his owner the Heimlich maneuver and saved her from choking? Or Maureen Burns, who in 2009 made the news when her Collie mix named Max started acting out of character by moving around the house slowly, seemingly depressed, sniffing her breath and nosing her right breast. The result? Turned out Maureen had a small malignant tumor doctors hadn’t detected through palpation or mammography. What about the death sensing cat that could predict the next resident in a retirement home to “go” by entering his or her room and hanging out? While the cat may

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