Know the Difference Between Story and Truth

10 Principles for Achieving Balance

How Dogs Can Help Our Human Relationships

As Cesar says, “Life is simple. We make it complicated.” He also says, “Communication creates partnership,” so if we’re not communicating, we can’t have a relationship, whether it’s romantic, or with friends or family. With people, the blocks to communication are all intellectual or emotional — we don’t listen to what the other person is actually saying, or we build defensive walls to protect our egos. As Cesar always says, “Humans will tell you a story. Dogs tell you the truth.” When we fall into the trap of storytelling in our relationships, we fail to communicate and so cannot have

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10 Principles for Achieving Balance

Principle 3 For Achieving Balance: Know The Difference Between Story And Truth

Cesar says that humans tell stories, while dogs tell the truth. It isn’t until we listen to the truth that our dog is telling us that we can figure out what’s going on and bring balance to the pack. For example, if your dog is constantly pulling paper out of the trash and scattering it all over the house when you’re away, your story might be, ‘She must have thought there was food in there,’ or ‘He did that to let me know he’s angry that I left.’ The truth from the dog is different, and is probably, ‘I’m bored.’

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