Rescuing a Dog

Shelter dogs often have a bad reputation but really they are sweet and loving
Adopting From A Shelter

Top 5 Myths About Shelter Dogs

Part of Cesar’s mission is to promote rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of dogs. There are millions of homeless dogs in the world, and a large number of them are currently in shelters waiting for one of two options: a forever home, or death. Often, people are reluctant to adopt shelter dogs because of certain preconceived notions about them. Here, we debunk five common myths about shelter dogs. Common Myths that are Portrayed on Shelter Dogs They’re in the Shelter Because Something is Wrong with Them This myth comes from common misunderstandings about how dogs wind up in shelters in the

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All About Dogs

How To Stop Animal Cruelty

Did you know that World Animal Day is October 4? In honor of this special occasion, we want to inform you about what you can do to stop animal cruelty. These tips will help you to recognize when an animal is being mistreated, tell you where to report the problem, and show you how to fight this kind of abuse in other ways as well. The only way we can truly stamp out cruelty to animals is if all of us are vigilant and willing to do our part. Recognizing cruelty According to the Humane Society, there are two kinds

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A puppy at a breeder who is not reputable can create health problems for the dog

Puppy Mills: A Cautionary Tale

Dear Cesar, I really admire the work that you do. I think it is amazing how many lives you have transformed, both canine and human. I know at the end of your stay here on Earth you will be greeted by thousands of pets at The Rainbow Bridge. I wish you continued success with your work and I know God will continue to bless you. I would like to share with you the story of Jesse. I want to get the word out to others so that together we can make the world a safer place for our furry &

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A veteran dog waits with a soldier.
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Reward A Veteran Dog By Rescuing Them

Much like their human counterparts, veteran dogs have done a great service to our country. As retired military dogs, these brave canines were hand-selected to protect our nation because they demonstrated natural fearlessness and courage from puppyhood. Serving Proudly While their brothers and sisters were playing fetch and taking naps, military working dogs were undergoing years of rigorous training. They learned how to apprehend an enemy, attack on command, and detect explosives and narcotics through their sense of smell. Through intensive training, military dogs heightened their sense of drive and environmental and social stability. When they were ready, these courageous

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a dog displaced by the Northern California wildfires
Dog Behavior

Help The Dogs Of The Northern California Wildfires

First came Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, flooding Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Then wildfire, fanned by vicious Diablo winds, swept over Santa Rosa and the California wine country, displacing thousands of humans and their pets and destroying complete neighborhoods. Because most emergency shelters for humans are unable to house animals, many beloved pets required temporary placement in animal shelters.  With shelters closest to the fires filled beyond capacity, surrounding agencies sprang into action, taking in hundreds (if not thousands) of displaced pets. There are many ways you can help, but the best gift you can give is cash. It

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A dog waits to be rescued after a hurricane.
All About Dogs

UPDATE: How To Help With Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria

Updated October 5, 2017 When Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria struck, it wasn’t just people who were affected. With flooding through parts of Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the Caribbean displacing tens of thousands of people it’s easy to forget the many household pets also caught up in the disaster. Shelters from other areas across the US have taken in pets to reduce the load in shelters hit by the flooding — and remember, in many cases, these are not abandoned or lost dogs and cats. Rather, many emergency shelters for humans do not allow pets, so it becomes necessary to place

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A dog holds a phone.

Internet To Life Net: How Social Media Is Saving Dogs

One day in 2015, Johnjay Van Es’ wife Blake got a phone call about a Chihuahua found in an alley. Consequently, he posted the dog to his Instagram to see if anyone recognized her or wanted to adopt. Since Van Es is, along with Rich Berra, part of a nationally syndicated radio team with a lot of followers, people were messaging him in seconds about the dog, which soon found a great home. After he told the story on-air the next day, he started to get calls and photos from other people who had found dogs and so LovePup was

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A dog in a shelter waits to be adopted.
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Another Step Toward A No-Kill City

Last week, the city of Los Angeles moved one step closer to becoming another no-kill city in the United States, joining the ranks of Austin, and sharing aspirations with places like Chicago. Although the proposal is merely a resolution and not law, it does take a big step toward hitting the stated goal of “saving 90 percent or more of the cats and dogs coming through the sheltering system.” As reported by the website LAist, Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles already puts this number at 89.4%, so the city is well on the way to success — but

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Two dogs at a rescue organization wait for their forever homes

5 Steps To Help Our Four-Legged Friends

There are 600 million unwanted and abandoned animals in the world, living without families or shelter. In many countries, such animals are routinely abused or killed. It seems like an overwhelming number, but we can do something about it by helping these animals find permanent homes and by reducing pet overpopulation. Here’s what you can do right now to help. Spay or Neuter One unfixed female and her offspring can lead to 67,000 dogs in just six years. Spaying or neutering your pets now will eliminate unwanted litters, and has positive effects on their health and behavior. There are many

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Adoption Tips

‘What’s Up Dawg!’ Episode 3

In the third installment of Andre Millan’s web series “What’s Up Dawg!” he takes to the air with Wings of Rescue  as they save the lives of over a hundred dogs — and a few cats — by airlifting them from California to Washington. Wings of Rescue is an all-volunteer organization that moves animals around the country, taking them from overcrowded shelters and relocating them to places that are ready and able to take on and rehome the rescues. Completely donor funded, the group also provides air transport to animals with medical needs that might be made worse by a

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