Natural Dog Laws

Going In Without A Bite: How To Enter A Dog’s Territory

A lot of our visitors have asked for advice to help letter carriers, meter readers, gardeners and other workers avoid being bitten when they have to go into a yard with a dog in it. It’s a valid concern. Just among postal workers in 2014, there were nearly 6,000 bites or attacks in the U.S. alone. However, this advice isn’t meant just for people who have to enter strange yards in their line of work. These tips will help anyone who wants to enter a dog’s territory without being bitten. First, make sure to apply Cesar’s golden rule of approaching

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a dog using his senses to smell the ground
10 Principles for Achieving Balance

Mastering Cesar’s Natural Dog Laws

In order to have a well-behaved, balanced dog, every Pack Leader needs to understand how dogs work. To do this, they need to understand dog psychology, which Cesar explains with his Five Natural Dog Laws, telling us, “If you are going to be the Pack Leader to your dogs, you must understand who they are and what they need as dogs.” Learning what the laws are is one thing, but learning how to use them to help your dog is another. How-Tos of Mastering Dog Laws  Dogs are instinctual Being instinctual, dogs live in the moment; they react immediately to

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10 Principles for Achieving Balance

Here And Now

At this moment, you’re reading these words on some electronic device — a computer at home or work, a cell phone on the bus, a tablet just about anywhere. But, even as you’re reading these words, you’re somewhere else. You’re thinking about something that happened last week or worrying about something someone said this morning; you’re planning your next meal, trying to remember whether you left the oven on, hoping that your vacation plans will work out. In other words, you’re everywhere but where you are right now. That’s what humans do because humans are primarily intellectual and emotional. But

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woman walking dogs | honor instinct
Cesar Millan

Honor Instinct

One of the things I remind people of constantly when they are trying to connect with their dogs is this: Honor instinct. It really should be a simple concept. If you want your dog to behave the way you want them to, then you have to honor their instincts to get that behavior. The trouble is, people are not instinctual. They’re intellectual and emotional. But if you try to communicate with your dog through intellect and emotion, only one thing is going to happen. Your dog is not going to understand what you want, so is going to do what

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