A veteran dog waits with a soldier.
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Reward A Veteran Dog By Rescuing Them

Much like their human counterparts, veteran dogs have done a great service to our country. As retired military dogs, these brave canines were hand-selected to protect our nation because they demonstrated natural fearlessness and courage from puppyhood. Serving Proudly While their brothers and sisters were playing fetch and taking naps, military working dogs were undergoing years of rigorous training. They learned how to apprehend an enemy, attack on command, and detect explosives and narcotics through their sense of smell. Through intensive training, military dogs heightened their sense of drive and environmental and social stability. When they were ready, these courageous

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A dog in a shelter waits to be adopted.
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Another Step Toward A No-Kill City

Last week, the city of Los Angeles moved one step closer to becoming another no-kill city in the United States, joining the ranks of Austin, and sharing aspirations with places like Chicago. Although the proposal is merely a resolution and not law, it does take a big step toward hitting the stated goal of “saving 90 percent or more of the cats and dogs coming through the sheltering system.” As reported by the website LAist, Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles already puts this number at 89.4%, so the city is well on the way to success — but

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Reasons Dogs End Up In Shelters

All across the world, animal shelters are overflowing with dogs that are in need of good homes. But how did so many get there? It can be hard for us dedicated pet lovers to understand how someone could just surrender his or her companion. When a dog ends up in a shelter, it is not their fault. Most behavioral issues, for instance, can typically be traced back to the way in which their former caretakers handled them. Here are the Top Ten Most Common Reasons Dogs End Up in Shelters: Lack of Training Many people get a dog without realizing

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Callie Thorne: Putting The “Rescue” In “Rescue Me”

In psychology there are two roles: that of patient and therapist. As an actress, Callie Thorne has gotten to explore both sides, as was there ever a character more in need of therapy than Sheila Keefe on the FX hit “Rescue Me?” In her current role on USA Network’s “Necessary Roughness,” Callie portrays Dr. Dani Santino, a therapist for professional athletes, helping them deal with life issues and crises. Having been on both sides of the couch, does Callie believe in dog therapy? “I do believe in pet therapy. Much like good trainers, I think good pet therapists can pick

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