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How To Bring Out Your Dog’s Inner Genius

How smart is your dog? It’s a question more and more people are asking and trying to answer with things like a DIY dog IQ test. Now, there are even more academic studies of the subject with some universities, like Yale, setting up their own centers for canine cognition. According to the New York Times, people are flocking to them to find out how smart their dogs are. But you don’t need to travel miles to a university lab to help improve your dog’s intelligence. Here are eight simple games you can play to help increase your dog’s smarts, fulfill

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Treat Me Like A Dog! How Oprah Became A Better Pack Leader

Oprah Winfrey has always been one of my role models. Her life story is an inspiration, and she is the example I use to help people visualize what I mean by calm, assertive energy. So it’s no surprise that one of the highlights of my career as the Dog Whisperer was an invitation from Oprah to visit her at her beautiful home in Montecito, California, to help her with dog problems she was having with her cocker spaniel. Oprah’s dog Sophie had two big problems. The dog would go into attack mode when she saw other dogs; the second dog

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Should You Microchip Your Dog?

I just heard a story in the news about a family who had lost their dog. They did everything to find him—putting up posters, checking shelters—nothing. Then, after two years, they get a phone call. Their dog was found. The person who found the dog took him to be scanned for a microchip and it showed who his family was and they were reunited. The chip’s only as big as a grain of rice. It’s usually implanted in the scruff of your dog’s neck and doesn’t cause any pain for your pet. And it only costs around $25 to $50,

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The Facts About Microchipping Your Dog

Microchipping Your Dog It is a sad fact that hundreds of dogs go missing every year and are found, rather bedraggled but perfectly healthy, handed into the local animal shelter which then searches desperately for the animal’s owner to no avail. In some cases the dogs are even euthanized. Many of these fine canines had been equipped with dog identification tags or collars but with so much time astray from their owners such collars had often slipped off or, agonizingly, the writing had become illegible. In a recent study involving over 7,700 stray pets, the number of non-microchipped dogs that

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When And How To Update Your Dog’s Microchip

Because you’re the Pack Leader, you got your dog microchipped. You wanted to make sure that she could be found and brought back to you even if her dog tag was lost or removed. So you headed to your vet and had the simple procedure done — your dog was in and out in minutes, and you had peace of mind. Everybody’s happy! But now it’s a few years later. You just moved to a new place, and it occurred to you that it’s probably a good idea to update the information on your dog’s microchip. How exactly do you

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