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"If you’re wondering what breed I am, I’m Mexican. If you’re wondering anything else, here’s where to find out." - Cesar Millan
Michael Mattes
I’m getting ready to head off to Europe to start my new Cesar LIVE: Once Upon a Dog Tour, which means time for rehearsal and getting ready to travel. Then, while I’m gone, my new show Dog Nation will premiere on March 3, starring me and my older son Andre. So things are very busy but very thrilling right now. Did I mention that my new book, “Lessons from the Pack,” is also out now? I’m proud and excited about this book, which marks a turning point and a new direction — but I explain that best in the intro, which I’d like to share a bit of with you now. Over the past 10 years, I’ve written six books on the subject of canine behavior, nearly all of them New York Times best-sellers. All... Read More
Stephanie Lynn Warga
You’ve probably heard of Aesop, who lived in Greece about 2,600 years ago and who wrote a lot of fables, which are stories, usually involving talking animals that teach us moral lessons. The great thing about him is that no matter where you grew up in the West, you probably grew up listening to his stories. I know I did in Mexico, where the only difference is that his fables are translated into Spanish and we call him Esopo. You can find him under many different names in a lot of countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Norway, and many others not limited to Europe — in Japan, he’s known as Izōru. Aesop’s stories have spread so widely because they help us understand universal... Read More