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"If you’re wondering what breed I am, I’m Mexican. If you’re wondering anything else, here’s where to find out." - Cesar Millan
Cesar Millan embracing his greyhound dog Argos
Jason Elias
As you may have read or seen on the news this week, Southern California is on fire again. But to long-time residents, this really isn’t unusual. A few years ago, my younger brother threw me a birthday party in Pasadena, and the hills above that party were on fire. Not long after I came to America in the early 90s, a lot of Malibu was in flames. And in 1961, Bel-Air, one of the neighborhoods currently threatened, was destroyed by a firestorm. What’s been making these fires worse is the combination of a long drought and the Santa Ana winds that usually kick up this time of year, and it’s a perfect recipe for disaster, but California is particularly adept at handling disasters. And, as always... Read More
Cesar Millan with his pit bull Junior
George Gomez
Today is the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which means that it’s the beginning of Advent. You may or may not have heard that term before, although you might know that this is when kids start opening up those calendars with the candy or toys hidden behind the little doors, one for each day leading up to Christmas. The term “advent” actually comes from the Latin word for arrival, and the holiday refers to expectation of the arrival of Jesus as an infant in Bethlehem — Christmas. But I’m going to be looking at it metaphorically today. Think about how excited little kids can get about Christmas because it means they’re going to get big presents — and how un-exciting those little toys or... Read More