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"If you’re wondering what breed I am, I’m Mexican. If you’re wondering anything else, here’s where to find out." - Cesar Millan
Cesar Millan with his son Andre Millan in St. Louis
Leapson Bounds
It’s a city in the middle of America named for a crusading king, born out of a settlement that predates the U.S. itself, and which bounced back and forth between France and Spain for a long time until, just under two hundred years ago, Missouri became a state and St. Louis became the Gateway to the West. Andre and I traveled east to visit this city for “Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation,” and the place was a revelation to both of us. Andre told me, “St. Louis is an amazing city because not only was it my first time, but I got to experience the history of America, I got to experience what it took to create the pioneer essence.” That essence is alive today, and I felt that pioneer spirit no more... Read More
Cesar and Andre Millan in San Francisco
Leepson Bounds
For last Friday’s episode of “Dog Nation,” Andre and I went to San Francisco, which is an amazing place. It’s a bustling city that also feels like a small town, every corner is bursting with history, and, being surrounded by water on three sides, it still feels very connected to nature. Of course, what really gives a city its flavor is the people in it, and San Franciscans are a unique breed. They are creative and resourceful, and they never give up. While the City by the Bay has a reputation for being cold and foggy, its people could not be warmer. Andre told me something pretty profound about the experience. “I got to see the diverse culture and the amazing integration process that had... Read More