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If you have an inquiry regarding help with your dog and are searching for professional assistant you can visit the FIND A PROFESSIONAL TOOL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANINE PROFESSIONALS. This service can help you in locating a dog professional in your area. At this time Cesar’s Way is a pet and informational resource for proud pet parents, but support for answering specific training questions is not offered at this time. Feel free to search through the website for content related to your questions or visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

NOTE FOR ALL QUICK BITES INQUIRIES: If you are experiencing any issues with your purchase of Quick Bites such as login access, then our video resource platform team, LightSpeed, can help assist. Simply contact them at [email protected] if you have a technical inquiry about your purchase. We ask all PayPal customers to provide receipts in your ticket incase you did not receive your account information. 
If you need to reset your login or simply want to know where to login to access your purchased digital product then please use the following url for assistance.

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