Couple Builds A Custom 13ft Bed So They Can Sleep With Their Seven Dogs

Sharing a bed with pets is always calming, but it can also get a bit cramped if there is more than one, or the bed isn’t large enough to accommodate everyone.

So when you’re a person that has seven dogs sharing a bed with you, then you run the risk of getting edged out by your furbabies.

That us why one Alabama-based couple chose to have a 13-ft bed custom-built – so they could sleep comfortably with their canine kids.

49-year-old Jennifer Taylor and 60-year-old husband Steve wanted to find a solution that would allow them to spend the evenings with their pets in bed, but also without sacrificing a decent night’s rest. That is where they came up with the solution to have their bed extended.

Having been married for nearly 24 years, the couple collaborated together in order to get their project done in just a few days. And they couldn’t be happier with the results.

The way that they managed it was quite simple as well. Jennifer and Steve went out and purchased two king-sized mattresses, then used two doors in order to create the headboard. After that, they painted both headboards in order “to make them look nice.”

Photo: Caters News

Once the job was finished, they bought some wood to build the bed frame, with Jennifer stating that the two “kind of winged the whole thing.” The couple even added a few finishing touches such as some steps in order to help their dogs get into bed since “all seven of them only have little legs.”

Jennifer has described herself as a full-time dog mommy and dog lover. And she has said that her dogs are “quite literally [their] babies.” The couple has their own dogs which are comprised of five long-haired dachshunds and two French Bulldogs, but they also regularly open their home and hearts to foster dogs.

Photo: Caters News

Jennifer explained, “My whole house has basically become a dog shrine! It was way too many dogs to have in a normal-sized bed with you at once. With that in mind, Steve and I decided to build a huge 13-foot bed so both us and the dogs could sleep in it. We wanted to make the foster dogs feel at home – as well as our owns pups of course – so built the bed so they could be super comfy and cozy with us.”

The couple’s five little dachshunds are named Leyden, Robin, Sophie, Juno and Julia. Brooklyn and Hemingway are the two French Bulldogs, and Hemingway also happens to be the family’s newest permanent addition.

What a caring couple these two are with their dogs indeed.

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