Dad Builds Lookout Post For His Dog So He Can Keep An Eye On The Neighborhood

After giving his family a bit of a shock and a fright, one dog ended up getting the ultimate doggie lookout perch built for him by his family.

Check, a dog living the good island life in Hawaii, was captured on camera keeping an eye on the neighborhood from his unique little lookout post, which was built for him by his owner. Twitter user, Alyxah, posted the picture, sharing the story of how such a unique vantage point came to be. Apparently, her dad built Check his perch after they received a panicked call from some neighbors.


As Alyxah shared with, “My boyfriend Nic and his dad built it because they had moved into a new house with a large lanai with access to the roof. [T]he first day they had left their dog alone they called the fire department because he had made his way to the roof to get a better view and see where we had gone.”


Instead of blocking off Check’s access to the roof, the family decided to do something creative so the dog could still safely enjoy the views. And the wonderful results were shared to Twitter by Alyxah.

She explained, “So Nic’s dad blocked the access to the roof and made a little lookout for Check so he can see us leave and come home. And also so he could hangout up there during the day.”

Apparently, Check likes to keep on eye on things – particularly strangers passing by. Clearly, he takes his guard dog duties quite seriously.


There is no doubt that Check absolutely loves having his own vantage point on the roof. It would seem to be the ultimate doggie dream in patrolling the grounds and keeping the family safe. How many other dog owners would be willing to make this for their pets? Let us know!

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