Dad Helps Her Owner Dig Holes For Plants In The Garden

It is fair to say that most of us wouldn’t dream of letting our dogs dig in the garden. In fact, most of us dog owners have probably had to spend countless hours trying to train our dogs out of that bad habit. Nobody likes a holey garden. However, there was one man who decided to put his dog’s natural urge to dig to good use in his garden. As a result, he created himself a very loyal gardening companion. 

Reddit user Georgeyk17 uploaded a video to Reddit which shows off his pet, Georgia, doing a fine job of helping him plant bushes. While the clip was only 15-seconds long, it still managed to display some skills. The man’s use of his dog meant that he could get by gardening without the need for a miniature shovel. Plus, the hole for the bush was completed in pretty good time!

Georgia is such a good girl in the clip as she sits patiently waiting for digging instructions from her owner. When he gives her the signal she just goes to town. Then, once she’s reached the necessary depth, her owner gives her another signal to get her to stop. From there, the man is able to continue planting the bush.  

Clearly this duo knows that teamwork makes dreamwork. 

While most people would assume that allowing your dog to dig – or more accurately urging them to dig – would result in destruction, Georgeyk17 said the opposite. In fact, he revealed to the internet that sweet Georgia hasn’t uprooted a plant in about four-and-a-half years. When someone on the video commented that they were thinking about getting a dog, Georgeyk17 encouraged them to do it, saying what we already know to be true: dogs are fantastic company.

The video of Georgia has been seen by thousands of people, and there have been plenty of comments from viewers. One person wrote about how they’d love to hire her for landscaping, while another posted a joke saying, “That’s the most enthusiastic shovel I’ve ever seen.” 

Georgeyk17 has already stated that Georgia is a very good girl, and she is always there to lend a helping paw with a big smile on her face. Dogs are just such incredible animals. They’re such wonderful pets.

Check out Georgia’s green thumb skills below:

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