Dad ‘Rescues’ His Dog’s Favorite Toy That Got Ruined In The Rain

For six years, Lucky the dog has been inseparable from his favorite toy: a stuffed bear. He loves that bear no matter what appearance changes it has undergone in that time.

Lucky’s owner, Michelle Wallace, revealed to The Dodo, “It has no stuffing left in it anymore and it goes everywhere with him. He plays with it at all times. He protects it like it’s his own baby.”

Photo: Michaella Wallace

However, at one point in time, there was a near-tragedy that almost befell dog and bear.

One evening, when Lucky was let outside to use nature’s facilities ahead of a coming snowstorm, he took his bear with him.

Unfortunately, the little dog lost his toy in the darkness after it was covered in snow. We can only speculate that the little dog was devastated.

Photo: Michaella Wallace

Fortunately, the next morning after the snow melted, Wallace’s father located the bear – looking rather worse for wear.

Wallace’s dad then sent the following text:

Photo: Michaella Wallace

Knowing how important the bear was to Lucky, he refused to just toss it.

Instead, he brought in the soaking wet bear and attempted to “rescue” it.

Photo: Michaella Wallace

Fortunately, it seemed to work.

Wallace’s dad sent her frequent updates:

Photo: Michaella Wallace

And the humor didn’t end there – he even went as far as setting up a little recovery room, complete with a fake IV drip!

Lucky and his sister Laci, were allowed inside for a visit.

Photo: Michaella Wallace

Lucky’s toy bear survived the whole ordeal and made it through, and the pair are back together.

“He is fully recovered and happily back with his protector,” Wallace said.

As for her dad’s creativity, Wallace says that is no surprise – he often creates silly stunts and scenarios in order to get a laugh or two out of her.

Photo: Michaella Wallace

And of course, when he brings out the humor, the dogs are always involved as well.

“Lucky and Laci love my dad and he is the same way towards them,” Wallace said. “Our dogs mean so much to our whole family and everyone who meets them adores them.”


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