Distraught Dog Watches As Grandma Performs ‘Emergency Surgery’ On His Favorite Toy

Draco is a pit bull who had a rough start in life. The one thing that brought him comfort during the good times and the bad was a heart-shaped pillow with arms.

Now, he and his pillow are inseparable. Wherever the young pill bull goes, his heart pillow isn’t off.

Draco’s mom spoke to The Dodo and said, “If anyone else picks up his pillow he will dart over and grab it. He sucks it every single day to fall asleep.”

However, the pup’s prized cushion was recently headed for the trash – something that Draco just couldn’t handle.

Photo: Facebook/Allie O’Cain

Allie O’Cain rescued Draco when he was only 2 weeks old from a backyard breeder. The little orphaned puppy has always treated his pillow with the utmost care.

As O’Cain explained, “Draco is a crazy chewer and we have become a ‘rubber toy only’ house because anything with stuffing he will destroy in less than five minutes. But he has been so gentle and loving with this pillow.”

However, when Draco’s friend Willow – a black Lab – tried to share Draco’s heart pillow, the pit bull got a little too overprotective. Draco went to get his prized possession and unfortunately in the process, he ripped his heart. The stuffing from the pillow was spilling out everywhere, and it looked like there was nothing that could be done.

Fortunately, grandma came to the rescue.

Photo: Facebook/Allie O’Cain

As O’Cain recounted, “We think [the pillow] was so worn out it just easily ripped. My mom freaked out and grabbed it and yelled, ‘I’ll fix it, Draco!’”

Aren’t grandmas just the absolute best?

O’Cain’s mother set up her sewing machine and immediately set to work repairing Draco’s heart pillow. Naturally, a worried Draco was nearby, watching his beloved pillow get worked on.

Photo: Facebook/Allie O’Cain

“The whole entire time Draco’s head and paws were peeked over,” O’Cain said. “He was whining and trying to reach it with his mouth.”

Photo: Facebook/Allie O’Cain

“He acted as if his wife was in surgery,” O’Cain posted to her Facebook.

As soon as the heart was mended and good as new, Draco rushed to cuddle his favorite pillow – clearly relieved that the ordeal was over.

Photo: Facebook/Allie O’Cain

O’Cain and her mom will always be there to repair his silly heart pillow until Draco outgrows it – should that day ever come. But based on experience, it seems doubtful that this sweet boy will ever let his heart pillow go.

“Bullies are the exact opposite of what people think,” O’Cain added. “They stay babies forever!”

What a sweet little Draco. We hope he gets to enjoy many more years with his heart pillow.

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