Dog Adorably Apologizes To His Brother For Eating His Food

The thing about siblings is they can be a pain at times, but they’re always there for you and there is no doubt that they love you just as much as you love them. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have your moments of arguments or annoyance when they do things that upset you…like eating your food.

And the unique bond of siblings even extends down to our pets – many of whom share unique sibling dynamics as well – even if they’re not always related by blood.

Two dogs, Watson and Kiko, are brothers from another mother who live together with their owner. Together, the brothers will often go on adventures together, many of which are documented on their Instagram page, which has more than 925,000 followers.

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For the most part, the two dogs get along well and love to share everything together. But there was one video which shared a little more insight into their relationship, after their owner scolded Watson for being naughty and eating Kiko’s food. She then insisted that Watson make amends to Kiko, and the results were just precious.

In the video, Watson got up and went over to Kiko, where he embraced him by encircling his neck with his front paws. If that wasn’t cute enough, Watson then rested his head on top of Kiko’s. It was a genuinely beautiful moment.

Screen Shots: Instagram/

The video was uploaded to social media captioned, “The way he apologizes is so sweet. Can’t stay mad at that big fluff for too long.” She went on to explain, “As you may know Kiko has been having some health issues and this morning he wasn’t eating his food. So little naughty Watson took advantage of that. He apologized to his brother so it’s all good now 😂.”

Needless to say, their followers were quite impressed with the video.

One follower asked if Watson had been trained to hug like that, or if it was a naturally occurring thing, to which he owner replied, “he is actually a natural hugger. He loves to give hugs or trust falls. I did do some training back when he was a puppy about 5 months and he learned to hug but he took it very seriously. Hugs are his thing so he does it because he wants to I don’t give the command 😊”.

You can watch the adorable apology below:


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