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"When you adopt a dog, you are responsible for his care from that day forward." - Cesar Millan
Dog with gray hair
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If you’ve ever had a senior dog, you may have noticed that they got a little gray around the snout as they got older, not unlike humans. This makes sense, since the only difference between human hair and animal fur is the word we use to describe them. But what about the ways and reasons that humans and dogs go gray? Are they the same or different? One thing that dogs and humans do have in common is the ability to go gray prematurely. In humans, this is defined as the onset of gray hair before 20 for Caucasians and before 30 for Africans and Asians. Yes, there is an ethnic difference, with white people graying first (and redheads being the first Caucasians to go gray), but scientists have... Read More
Sponsored content brought to you by B-Air Safety and sanity is key when it comes to keeping your pet clean. As Cesar Millan has demonstrated through his shows and humanitarian efforts with dogs, there is nothing more beneficial than providing a trustworthy, peaceful environment that is ideal for proper grooming and nurturing of your dog. Many pet owners believe that only a professional groomer can properly take care of their dog’s coat and appearance, but with these basic tips and the easy-to-use B-Air Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer and Premiere Grooming Collection grooming at home is now a convenient, affordable option.   Helpful Drying Tips A quick and convenient dry Depending on the... Read More

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