Dog Decides To Go To The Bathroom In The Middle Of Her Parents’ Wedding

Everyone knows that dogs are the best companions. They are warm, friendly, and loyal, but sometimes they do have their flaws. Unfortunately for some dogs, timing isn’t their strong suit. And that can sometimes ruin certain special occasions, such as weddings. All couples dream of their perfect day where everything runs smoothly, but for one couple, their beloved pup ended up being a literal party pooper during the biggest day of their lives.

For Kat Kenny and her husband, their wedding day was eclipsed by their Great Dane, Freya. The couple chose to have their pup join them on their big day and take an active role in the ceremony as a flower girl. While she performed her duties admirably, there was one little hiccup that eventually happened.


As Kenny explained to The Dodo, Freya was great as the flower girl. She was even quite friendly with all the guests as she walked down the aisle. Some could even say she tried stealing the spotlight once or twice. But the pup really stole the show when she had to answer nature’s call – in the middle of the ceremony!


The comical moment was shared to Facebook by Kenny, who wrote, “Partway through our ceremony my mum says, ‘Oh Freya no!’ And everyone turns to see her taking a giant turd right behind us!” 

Everyone couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, with the photographer hustling quickly to make sure the moment was caught on camera. Kenny thought it was so funny that the dog was all calm and compliant the entire time prior to the ceremony. And according to Kenny, when Freya finished up, she was quite excited about her bathroom break and went back to the ceremony – seeking approval.   


Definitely not the ceremony that Kenny envisioned, but certainly one that will never be forgotten. The pictures were shared to the Cool Dog Group on Facebook, where it gained a lot of attention and comments from various people. The couple might not have wanted a photo of this, but it’ll probably make its way into the wedding album regardless.

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