Dog Drags A Freezing Cat From The Snow Into His House To Warm Up

Dogs are such kind animals. They show a deep sense of compassion towards all their fellow creatures and it’s something that we could definitely all learn from in terms of kindness. Dogs are also known to get along with cats, despite the myth that the two animals are sworn enemies. My dog was a huge fan of the family’s cats. And she definitely would do anything she could to keep them safe. But it wasn’t just the cats that she cared for. Our dog’s kindness extended to any animal in need that she encountered – whether it was baby birds falling out of nests, stray cats wandering into our yard, or a baby possum abandoned by its mom. That is the level of dedication that all dogs show towards those they care about. And that is the same level of protection that dogs will often extend to other animals around them, like the dog who was filmed showing kindness to a stray cat in need. 

The very sweet footage shows the dog coming to the aid of a cat who was outside, trapped in the snow. It was clear that the homeless cat had nowhere to go and was unable to seek protection from the elements. The poor cat was already starting to freeze, having spent who knows how long outside in the snow.

Once the dog saw the cat, he instinctively knew that the animal needed help. And that is when the dog did something to help the cat. Acting on his survival instinct, the dog picked up the cat and gently dragged her to the nearest shelter: his doghouse. There, the loving pooch was able to provide the feline with a place to stay warm and protected from the snow. 

When the dog’s owner heard what was going on outside, he went out to investigate. And what he found was an entirely moving moment. He couldn’t help but record his dog’s heroic act in order to show the internet just how sweet all dogs can be.

Watch the tender moment below:

What do you think of the dog’s actions? Has your dog ever sheltered an animal like this from the cold? Let us know!

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