The misconception is that dogs don’t get cold because of their fur coat. However, both short-haired dogs and long-haired dogs can experience the same amount of cold as humans when temperatures dip below certain degrees. Why else is it that every autumn going into winter, we are constantly being reminded by pet experts that we need to be mindful of our pets’ vulnerability to the cold?

While it’s great to be reminded, most of us dog owners are already pretty familiar with our pets’ own individual needs and we do our best to accommodate them. That is why in the winter months we often purchase them new, fluffy beds for indoors, get them sturdy dog houses for the times that they do have to be outside, and spend plenty of time with them inside, cuddling on the couch.

But one video was so adorable in how it showed precisely how one pup demanded that his owner treat him. In the footage, a dog was feeling a little chilly, so he decided that curling up with his favorite blanket was just what he needed. However, he didn’t want to get into himself. So instead, he whines and complains until the owner comes along and does it for him. It is adorable to watch as the owner swaddles the pooch as though he’s an actual little baby.

Then the dog looks so comfortable, all bundled up like a freshly-rolled burrito in his blanket. Clearly, this dog had his owner wrapped around his finger. How many of us will be swaddling our pets once summer is over and fall rolls around? Probably a huge majority of us – I don’t think any dog owner can resist the demands of their pet.

Watch the adoral swaddle video below:

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