Dog Finally Catches His Own Tail And Has No Idea What To Do Next

Dogs can get hours of entertainment trying to catch their own tail. And I’m sure there are many of us dog owners who’ve watched our pups happily spin around for hours trying to attain the unattainable.

But for one dog, it would seem that he finally caught what he was trying to get all along: his tail. And the best part was that his owner managed to capture the magical doggie moment.

While the dog, Max, and his owner, Abbie, were stuck indoors during a spout of bad weather, the Jackson, Mississippi-based pooch was happy to be his own entertainment.

As a friend of Abbie’s, Harrison Parker, shared with The Dodo, “The other day when tornados came across parts of Mississippi, the storms knocked out a lot of power in Jackson. Abbie was without power for over a day, and Max provided Abbie with infinite entertainment while waiting for the power to come back on.”

While Max was busy chasing his tail, Abbie was busy catching every second on video. During that time, the incredible feat occurred when Max actually caught it! That was the canine equivalent of licking your elbow.

The video Abbie captured showed the moment that Max managed to achieve success – and not surprisingly, he seemed a little shocked himself by the fact that he actually caught his tail.

Then, as though trying to make his victory last a little longer, Max didn’t seem in a rush to let go of his own tail.

The video showed an awkward Max trying to exit the room with his tail still caught in his mouth.

As Harrison said, “I absolutely lost it. I thought it was one of the funniest videos I had ever seen.”

Harrison added, “I’ve known Max since not long after Abbie adopted him. He’s really the funniest and goofiest dog I’ve ever met, so I get videos and snaps of him all the time.”

As you can imagine, when the video was uploaded, there were thousands of impressed viewers who absolutely loved the video. And, honestly, what would be to dislike about a silly dog catching his tail? Pure entertainment.

Harrison further stated, “Since Abbie isn’t on Twitter, I asked if I could post it, and she said yes. There was no way either of us could have foreseen how much the video would take off, but we were really happy that Max was able to spread so much happiness.”

You can watch the hilarious footage below:

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