Dog Gives His Dad A Big Hug After Getting Surgery

A dog hugs his dad after surgery.

Dogs will always be there for you when you need a hug most. And that can be at any time. You can need a doggie hug after a bad day at work, after the loss of a family member or friend, just because, or after some life-altering occurrence.

But mostly, when we’re sick or not well, we appreciate doggie hugs the most.

And the same can be said about our dogs as well. As much as we love to think of them as our personal rays of sunshine, we also have to keep in mind that sometimes our pets have their off days too, and they can really use a hug from their favorite humans as reassurance that everything will be ok.

Hopefully, this story will remind you to hug your dogs often.

One Labrador Retriever, Jack Daniel, was a pooch in desperate need of a hug himself. The poor pup wasn’t feeling good at all, he had just undergone a surgery to remove a lump from his neck.

Thankfully for Jack Daniel, his surgery was a success, but as anyone who’s undergone surgery knows, even when successful, operations take a lot out of you. And they’re definitely instances where you can use some comfort from those you care about.

And that is just what Jack Daniel needed: a hug. After he got out of surgery, his human owner was more than happy to oblige his pooch with a long and affectionate embrace. While Jack Daniel couldn’t move much, he certainly showed his deep appreciation and love by wrapping his front paws around his owner’s neck before placing his head on his human’s shoulder.

This display of love between a man and his dog not only moved his owner to tears as he kissed Jack Daniel’s head, but it also made us reach for the tissues as well.

May this moment of pure and simple love remind you to hug your dogs.

You Can Watch the Full, Heartwarming Moment Below:

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