Dog Has No Idea That She Is About To Reunite With Her Owner

In my 29 years of being a pet owner, I’ve thankfully never had to experience the heartache of having a pet run away from home. However, I know from family and friends who’ve experienced it that it’s a very rotten feeling – especially when they never come home. 

For one Manhattan resident, Lenny, his nightmare came true when he lost his beloved pooch, Bella. The worst part was, Lenny wasn’t even at home in the state of New York at the time of the incident. He’d been down in Florida and Bella had escaped from the dog sitter while he was away.

Naturally, Lenny was frantic to find his missing dog. He enlisted the help of family and friends, and together they spent 3 days searching for her. They passed out fliers, as well as called numerous shelters to see if she’d been picked up by chance. 

But there was nothing. As Lenny said, “Losing Bella was the worst nightmare, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach a million times. She ran away from my dog sitting friend’s house, while I was in Florida.”

He added that during the three days they were looking for her, he did not go into work, choosing instead to look for his missing dog. Additionally, he’d also gotten an amber alert activated – all to try and locate his precious Bella. Clearly, this dog owner would stop at nothing to find his pet – a feeling I’m sure we can all relate to. 

Finally, after three days of searching, she was located. Lenny received the call he’d been hoping for: Bella was alive and well. However, she was almost 2 hours away! Somehow the little dog had managed to get from Manhattan all the way to Queens! For anyone not familiar with the layout of New York, that is quite a distance. Especially for a little dog. But somehow, she managed to safely make it there and Lenny happily made the trek himself in order to go pick her up.

The two were reunited in a very tender video which showed the little dog’s excitement at seeing her daddy once again. And Lenny was beside himself with relief and joy to have her back.

Get some tissues and watch the reunion in the clip below:

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