Dog Is Disappointed When The Pool His Owner Ordered Is The Size Of A Bowl

We love to spoil our dogs with all kinds of toys and gifts. But sometimes we can’t always get to the pet store in order to buy them what we want to. Or sometimes we go to the store and it turns out they don’t carry a certain item in stock. When things like this happen, we will often turn to the internet to get them certain items. 

However, when we go online to shop there is the possibility that not all things are what they seem. Sometimes sites don’t always share pictures that are to scale. What we think we’re buying ends up being the complete opposite. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced a moment of buyer’s remorse when we have purchased something off the internet. While we might experience disappointment with failed purchases online, we’re not the only ones who are disappointed. Our dogs can also feel sad about something that is not quite to scale.

One Newfoundland pup named Darcy was sorely disappointed with the pool that came in the mail for her. Then 2-year-old dog’s owner, Chelsea Sparks, had good intentions when she bought Darcy a wading pool to keep her cool during the warm months. However, when the purchase arrived, it wasn’t anything like what they had anticipated. And no one was more disappointed than poor Darcy. 

As Chelsea shared with Metro, Darcy is such a fan of water that her stepfather made the choice to surprise the pooch with a pool of her own. That is when it went online and found a “bargain” on a pool. As the pool was being shipped from China, the family had to wait a little bit of time for it to arrive. Sadly, the product was not worth the wait in the end and Chelsea said, “When it was delivered we didn’t know what it was as it was folded up so small. When we realized it was the dog pool we thought it was hysterical. We then put the pool next to Darcy and took a photo.”

Taking a funny photo is the only thing you can do when your dog’s wading pool is way too small. But it did provide some entertainment for the family, who then shared it around to family and friends. But don’t feel too bad for Darcy – the pooch eventually got her pool in the end. All is well that ends well!

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