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Have you ever spent the night tossing and turning, only to look over and find your dog peacefully sleeping on the floor? Although the hard surface may not seem like the ideal spot for a cozy nap, dogs certainly know how to get a blissful sleep. This may have led you to wonder what’s the deal with dog sleeping and how do they do it?

If you are like me, you may get up in the middle of the night only to return to your bed to find your pooch snuggled up next to your pillows. This has happened to me with my dog Nash who, after I had gotten up in the middle of the night, sneaked into my bed and fell asleep in my spot. I guess he sees an opening and takes it, even if it is only for a few minutes.

The cutest thing about Nash is that, when he is in my bed (which we now call his throne), he sleeps like a person, with his head on the pillow and his body on the sheets. He has taken on my characteristics and figures he deserves as much comfort as I do, even though he has his own doggy bed.

If you’ve experienced a similar situation, you may be left to wonder, “Why is my dog sleeping in bed?” You may also wonder what a dog laying down in bed means and how to choose a dog bed for your pup. Fortunately for you, we have the answers. Today, we’ll discover the tips for choosing the best dog bed, as well as answer the question “Is my dog sleeping too much?”

Let’s dive in!

How to Choose a Dog Bed

When I first bought Nash’s doggy bed, I took a very scientific approach. I bought all three beds the store was selling, placed them on the floor and waited to see which one he would choose. He seemed to settle into one of the beds quite comfortably, so that was the one we went with.

Dog beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Because there are so many options to choose from, shopping for a dog bed can be somewhat overwhelming. Fortunately, your pup won’t care much about the color or style you choose. What matters is the size of the dog bed.

Before you go hunting for the perfect dog bed, make sure you know what your dog’s weight is and what his measurements are when he’s sleeping. Also keep in consideration your dog’s age and any orthopedic problems your dog may have. Senior dogs may benefit from dog beds made with memory foam, as it is softer and easier on their joints.

Once you’ve selected a dog bed, it’s time to let your pup give it a try! Place the bed on the floor (wherever your dog normally sleeps) and watch him curl up in it. If you’d like to follow my approach to dog bed shopping, simply buy a couple of dog beds and see which one your canine friend chooses. (Also check out “A Place Of Their Own: What To Look For In Dog Beds.”)

Dog in Bed

Even though we got a bed that Nash loves, he still prefers to sleep in my bed. Sometimes he even prefers to sleep on the floor. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Hey bud, I bought you this really nice doggy bed, so why are you sleeping on the floor?”

Contrary to what you might think, dogs are actually very comfortable with sleeping on a hard floor. They just want to feel safe and often prefer the coolest spot they can find. The reason dogs can sleep anywhere is that, unlike people, they have no regrets, allowing them to easily forget what they did five minutes ago. Even if you’ve told your pup the bed is off-limits, he will probably still find a way to snuggle up next to you. As long as your dog knows that he is safe and taken care of, he can sleep just fine.

So why exactly is your dog sleeping in bed? Although it’s true that dogs simply want a comfortable place to snooze, this isn’t the sole reason for this behavior. In fact, in most cases, your dog laying down in bed with you isn’t a coincidence. Your pup recognizes you as the Pack Leader and thus wants to be close to you. Even if you’ve just bought the prime dog bed in the store, your dog may prefer to sleep next to the owner he loves.

Is it OK to lie down with dogs? Although it’s important that you set proper boundaries for your pup, your dog laying down with you is usually because he loves you rather than being dominant with you. In this case, it is perfectly fine for your dog to doze off in bed. You may even sleep better because of it!

Is My Dog Sleeping Too Much?

As you’ve probably already noticed, dogs tend to sleep a lot longer than we humans do. In fact, hours can go by without the slightest stir from your pup. This can lead you to ask the question, “Why do dogs sleep so much?”

It is entirely normal for dogs to sleep the majority of the day at no specific time. The amount of sleep they need will differ from breed to breed or even dog to dog. Your dog’s age is another important factor that determines the number of hours your dog sleeps in a day.

Although a dog sleeping a lot is normal, you may still wonder “How many hours a day do dogs sleep?” and “How much sleep do dogs need?” For most adult dogs, it is completely normal to sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. This includes your dog’s overnight sleeps and daytime naps.

If, however, you notice your dog sleeping more than 15 hours a day, it’s important to monitor your dog’s behavior during his awake hours. If your dog is acting lethargic, it is best to consult your vet. You may find it successful to switch your dog’s food to boost your dog’s energy as well as make sure your dog is drinking the usual amount of water.

A dog laying down for hours at a time is generally a normal behavior that should cause no concern. Similarly, a dog in bed sleeping is a common behavior in dogs, even if they have their own dog bed. If you’re still worried that your dog may be sleeping too much, the best thing to do is make an appointment with your vet to get him checked out.

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