Dog Makes A Mess Of His Food And Finds A Way To Help Clean Up During Timeout

When it comes to our pets making us laugh, there is no shortage of ways that they manage to do this. They will often do this without meaning to. And that is the best part of our dogs. Perhaps some of the funniest moments that happen with our dogs is when they get fed. They are quite enthusiastic about their mealtimes, which means that sometimes they can cause hilarious disruptions. My dog always made us laugh because she would eat her wet food with the gusto of a tornado, but when it came to her dry food, she was the total opposite. She would only eat them one by one. 

When a German Shepherd named Zeus got fed his dinner, he got a little too excited. This ended up causing him to scatter his kibbles everywhere and he made a total mess of the kitchen – something that will often end up happening when our dogs get in the kitchen. But Zeus’s owner took note that the pup had made a disaster and he decided to clean it up. Needing to get Zeus out of the way in order to clean up the spilled food, his owner took the dog and put him in the room next to the kitchen. Pet owners will often do this when cleaning so as not to have their pup get in the way. 

But it turned out that Zeus wanted to help his owner pick up the spillage that he had caused. And the results were just too sweet! His owner ended up getting a video of Zeus’s “help” because it was just too funny not to film. He posted it to Twitter with the caption, “Zeus spilled his treats, so I put him in the other room to clean up.”

The footage that he managed to capture was nothing short of hilarious, as well as quite impressive! From the other side of the door, Zeus had managed to be able to fit his tongue under the door. What’s more, is the determined pup even managed to scoop up a few of the spilled kibble bits on the ground! Watching it back, we can totally say that Zeus has one super long and dexterous tongue to be able to sneak food under the door like that.

But at least he was giving his owner a hand with the clean up! 

Watch the video below:

What do you think of Zeus’s help? Let us know!

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