Dog Makes Sure To Watch His Favorite Toys Dry On The Line

The loyalty of a dog is unwavering – even if it’s a loyalty to an inanimate object. How many of us dog owners have witnessed how much our dogs care for their toys? They might rip them apart during playtime, but they still care very much. My own dog had a purple and blue tie-dyed octopus that she cared for like a baby. She’d often rip the stuffing out of it, but she didn’t let anything bad happen to it. 

My dog’s behavior wasn’t unusual. Plenty of other dogs show great care for their toys. One sheepdog named Mika was photographed being a wonderful guardian to his stuffed playmates. Mika’s toys are his everything. The pooch is very conscientious to play gently with them, and to always keep an eye on them – there’s no chance of a toy going missing under his watch!

As much as Mika cares for his toys, his owner Vanessa Dembowiak did notice that many of them were getting a little dingy-looking after plenty of use. That is when Vanessa decided to throw them in the wash – but she had to wait for Mika to be out of the house on a walk before she could wash them. 

When Mika came back from his walk, he immediately knew something was up. And when the pup went out into the yard, he discovered the whereabouts of his precious toys. They were hanging up to dry on the clothesline. But Mika wasn’t going to leave them behind. Instead, this precious pup patiently waited till they were all dry and ready to come down. Talk about patience! 

Mika’s family couldn’t help but post pictures of the sweet dog and his toys, writing on Reddit, “My mom washed all the dogs toys. And now he won’t come in the house without them.”

Isn’t that just so sweet? 


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The Boerboel descended from an early Mastiff-type that mated with dogs of South Africa. “Boerboel”

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