Dog Miserably Fails At Trying To Catch Food

When it comes to the ranking of grace amongst our pets, cats will always reign supreme. Our felines are always on point when it comes to acrobatic acts like catching flies mid-air, walking across handrails like it’s a tightrope, or just generally moving around with an air of elegance. Our dogs, as much as we love them, don’t always display as much finesse as cats. The one area of exception is when they’re catching something in their mouth. My dog could move around like a bull in a china shop for almost everything else, but when it came to her ability to catch a tennis ball, she was always 9 for 10. And if the item in question that you were throwing at her was food, then you better believe that she would never ever miss a bite.

Most dogs are like that – they will have the mouth eye coordination perfected whenever it comes to playing fetch. And while they may stumble a few times if it happens to be the food they’re going after, they almost never miss when it’s a treat or some other kind of food morsel. Dogs are like ninjas when it comes to catching food in their mouths. Unfortunately for one Golden Retriever, he didn’t acquire the graceful coordination that most dogs employ when catching snacks in the air.

While he may not be talented in that sense, Fritz has certainly gained a lot of popularity as a result of his clumsiness. And we can’t get over how cute this uncoordinated pup is. Because of his inability to catch food in his mouth like other dogs, Fritz has gained himself a large following as people absolutely love to watch this pooch’s food miss the mark. But he tries his best – and it’s that well-meaning hustle that has captured the hearts of many people. 

Fritz’s owner, Evan, has even filmed his dog’s lack of coordination in slow-motion – something that just makes everything even more hilarious! Check it out in the video below:

What do you think of Fritz’s efforts? Are your dogs good at catching food, or are they a little clumsy? Let us know!

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