Dog Mourning Owner Smells A Scent He Thought He’d Never Find Again

Paquito’s best friend may have passed away — but his loving memory still lingers on within the little dog’s heart.

Evyln Castro can remember that for many years, her uncle and Paquito the dog were an inseparable pair. She described their bond for The Dodo as, “My uncle always brought him everywhere. They were very attached.”

Unfortunately, Paquito lost his best friend years ago when Evyln’s uncle passed away.

Evlyn Castro

Her uncle got sick with an illness and was unable to recover. Evyln’s family did their best to rally around Paquito and lift his spirits, though it was clear that he was always going to miss his best friend.

Evlyn Castro

Then one weekend, Evlyn was helping her aunt go through some boxes of her uncle’s old things that had gotten wet during a rainstorm. While they were sorting through old clothes of his, something very special occurred.

As Evlyn explained, “We took out all the clothes and put them on the floor to finish drying. As soon as we did, Paquito ran in. He laid down on top of the clothes and spent a long time smelling and snuggling them.”

Paquito had recognized the scent of his deceased owner. And for a few minutes, it was as though he was back with Paquito.

“He felt his smell after years. He did not want to move away from the clothes. It was very emotional,” Evlyn revealed.

“Paquito is a super loved dog. We love him very much and are here to give him all that he needs,” she said.

The moment was certainly bittersweet for the whole family, and it proved that to everyone there that our loved ones never really leave us.

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