Dog Plays The Piano Better Than Most People

Music is one of the concepts in life that transcends species. It isn’t just humans who like to listen to music. Our animals like to enjoy different types of music. And they’ve all got their own individual preferences. My dog used to really like The Beatles. She’d get extra excited whenever my dad played a CD of theirs. And it was a visible reaction, unlike how she’d act if there was something else playing in the background. She also seemed to really dislike anything that was too metal or even certain classical music artists. Interestingly enough it was our cats who enjoyed classical music, as well as jazz. 

We’ve all seen videos of dogs howling along to different artists’ songs. These videos, while totally adorable, do point towards an emotional intelligence in dogs. They really seem to be able to differentiate between sounds that are pleasing and the stuff they don’t really care for. While a lot of these videos feature dogs singing along to their favorite song, they do pose another question: what about dogs singing their own original songs? 

Well, one talented pooch awed the internet after showing off his musical inclinations with a stirring performance at a piano. That is one genius pup! The amazing canine performance was delivered for his owner, who managed to catch the show on camera and then upload it to social media. 

While this dog isn’t the first to show some piano-playing prowess, he’s definitely one of the first that is able to accompany it with some vocals. Everyone appreciates a good singing and piano playing performance, right?

The video was posted to Facebook, where it received more than 11 million views and countless shares. Even though the video went viral, there really isn’t much known about the talented pup himself. It would seem that his stardom was meant to be a one-hit-wonder. Too bad there wasn’t a follow up to his solo as it was pretty entertaining! 

Watch this talented pup’s musical inclinations in the clip below:

How fun was that? What do you think of this dog’s talent? Does your dog have musical preferences? Let us know!

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