Dog Plows A Path For His Tiny Friend That Gets Stuck In The Snow

When the residents of Durango, Colorado experienced an 80-inch snowfall in one week, it wasn’t exactly fun times. Still, one little determined pooch would not let the massive snowdrifts deter him from going to play with his neighbor.

John Mace watched as his neighbor’s dog tried his best to navigate the endless mountains of snow that separated the two yards. The small dog was engulfed to the point only his ears and eyes were visible.

Screen Shot: YouTube/John Mace

Finding the moment amusing, John began to record it, all while encouraging the little dog to “come here!” Unable to get over to the yard, John sent in reinforcements in the form of his own dog, Kona.

Screen Shot: YouTube/John Mace

The much larger dog acted like a snowplow as she bulldozed her way through the white drifts – occasionally getting stuck herself in some of the deeper sections. At one point, Kona plunks herself down to take a break, at which point her pint-sized friend does his best to try to dig himself out.

Finally, Kona manages to reach her buddy, is equally as happy to see her. The pair greet each other with plenty of tail wags and a friendly sniff.

Screen Shot: YouTube/John Mace

Since Kona did such a great job of clearing a path, she is able to lead the small dog back to John who is still giggling at the whole interaction. Given the amount of snow one would think they were facing an avalanche rather than their backyards.

Screen Shot: YouTube/John Mace

According to John, the little dog was less than a year old, and he was facing his first winter. Given that it was his second day, it makes sense why he got stuck. But there is no doubt that as he grows up he’ll get better at dealing with the snow – although he’s got a much older and larger friend to help him out in the future.

Screen Shot: YouTube/John Mace

Watch the adorable video below:

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