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Dog Psychology

"Work with instincts, not against them." - Cesar Millan
Neal Tyler
One thing I’ve learned about the weather in L.A. is that it’s unpredictable. The best way to describe it is “consistently inconsistent.” We can go from gloomy and foggy one day to hot and sunny the next, and if you want to know what season it is, you need to look at a calendar, not out the window. We can go months with meteorologists predicting rain three days away, but that rain never comes. It can make it very difficult to prepare for the day, especially when you head out in the morning dressed for hot and sunny and come home in the evening when it’s cold and windy — I’ve seen many tourists fall victim to this one. At least, as humans, we can deal with it. We know that the weather is... Read More
In this latest installment of our video series “Chance Encounters,” Cesar finds a woman whose Rottweiler picks up any bit of trash he finds on the ground during the walk. Trying brute force to stop him only makes it worse, but Cesar has his own technique that solves the problem with very little effort. Check it out in the video below.

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