Dog Puts On A Show When Asked To ‘Play Dead’ On Talk Show

Dogs can be taught to perform many tricks. They are quite eager to please and very smart, so it’s easy to get them to learn different gimmicks that can entertain us. There are some dogs that only learn basic commands like sit and stay. My dog was one of those. She was really sweet but as much as we tried to teach her cool tricks like shaking our hand, she just didn’t pick it up. But that was totally fine with us. She knew how to sit and stay and heel, she really didn’t need much more than that. It’s not like she was going to be entertaining the masses. But some dogs are able to pick up fun tricks like shaking hands or playing dead.

Playing dead is perhaps one of the funniest tricks that dogs do. It’s so hilarious to watch their different impression of playing dead. We’ve all seen various videos, but perhaps the best one is that of Baily. The sweet little beagle definitely knows how to put on an Academy Award-winning performance when given the command to “play dead.” Baily’s method of playing dead is so realistic, he even earned himself a spot on TV with David Letterman! That is the ultimate doggie dream. 

The talented dog appeared on Letterman with his owner in order to show off his skills. And there was no doubt that this dog definitely had talent. The way he fainted in his owner’s arms reminded me of those blowup men outside car dealerships – he just went limp only to rise up seconds later.  He had the entire audience, including Letterman himself, in stiches. But perhaps the best part was when he temporarily revived himself looking for some treats. Can’t blame him there – it was a performance worthy of all the treats.

Watch the clip below:

We cannot stop laughing at this incredibly hilarious beagle. What do you think of Baily’s performance? Can your dog play dead to such a realistic degree? Let us know!

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