Dog Thinks Nobody Is Watching As He Steals Food From The Kitchen

For the most part, our dogs don’t give us a reason to get upset or to doubt the trust that we have in them. But every so often, we’ll find ourselves getting caught out by a rather sneaky streak that seems to live within all dogs. And that sneaky side to them usually involves food. I remember growing up, whenever my dog did something naughty, it usually involved some kind of sneaky food grab. There was the time that she broke into the cupboard where we stored all the pets’ dry food. She left her own kibbles behind, but she happily ripped open the cats’ dry food bag and ate a pretty good portion of it. But perhaps the wildest story of our dog sneaking food that she wasn’t supposed to, was when she got into the trash bag with rotten bacon. My mom had just cleaned out the fridge and there was a package of raw bacon that she had to toss because we’d forgotten about it. Now this bacon was rancid. It was still unopened in its package, but it was raw, it was rotten, and it was the color of a Dr. Seuss meal. My mom had gotten distracted for two minutes by a phone call and by the time she got back, my dog had managed to rip open the garbage bag and eat the entire package of rotten bacon – including a bit of the plastic packaging! We immediately rushed her to the vet but they said there wasn’t anything to be done since she seemed fine. So they sent her home with us to monitor her for the following day and bring her back if she began getting sick. A week passed and she was completely fine. It was like she had a cast-iron stomach. 

But not all dogs are as bad as my dog. Some are just adorably naughty, like Luke. His sneaky antics were even caught on camera for our viewing entertainment.  His owner, Traci Grimsley, was hanging out in the kitchen working on her laptop when the mischievous Luke wandered into the room. The clever pup knew that there was some tasty morsels leftover on the kitchen counter, and he wanted them.

And based on his reactions that Grimsley observed, this pup already had a game plan that he was ready to put into motion. And he was willing to risk it all right there in front of his owner in favor. But as bold as Luke was, Grimsley shared with The Dodo that she was facing the opposite direction from the kitchen, so Luke must have assumed that she couldn’t see him.  Unfortunately for Luke, he miscalculated the situation. His owner was very much watching his every move.  And he quickly got called out for his naughty actions. And the funny part is he wasn’t even hungry – he’d just been fed his dinner!

As his owner states, “He intentionally does things that he knows will get a rise out of me if I’m doing something that doesn’t involve him. He is like a permanently mischievous toddler.”

And check out this cheeky pup’s antics in the video below:

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