Dog Uses The Trampoline To Scale The Fence And Follow His Owner To Work

For those of us who ride public transport, we know how monotonous the commutes can be. Prior to working from home, I would always catch the tram into the city center for work. When I worked at an office a little bit further out from the city center, I would often take the bus. Every day became rather routine and I started noticing the same people every single morning – my fellow commuters – getting on the same number bus as me. For many who ride on public transport around their city, the rides tend to blend all together. Nothing really stands out. For one man in the UK, he would often start and end his day with a train ride in and out of the city for work.

But there was one day in particular when things got a little interesting – and they involved his dog. Thomas McCormick was used to commuting on the train. But what he had no idea was that one day his dog Paddy decided to join him. McCormick had left for work and had just gotten on the train. He was settling into his seat, all ready for his commute, when he got the shock of his life. He turned to see his dog, Paddy, climbing up into the seat beside him. The adorable little pooch was completely relaxed and chilled, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. Naturally McCormick was quite surprised, it’s not every day that your dog joins you on the train into work. But what was even more surprising, was how Paddy managed to get out. 

McCormick had left his dog at home, securely in the backyard – or at least that is what he thought. After getting Paddy back home, McCormick was curious to solve the mystery of how this pup ended up on the train with him. As it turned out, a neighbor witnessed the whole thing. Little Paddy turned out to be quite the Houdini – using the trampoline in the backyard to plan his great escape. The pup had jumped on the trampoline, and then kept jumping until he was able to clear the back fence. Then he used his powerful sniffer to follow the scent of his owner. Obviously this lead him right to the train station, and the rest is history!

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