Dog With Giant Fluffy Ears Looks Like Mickey Mouse

The internet is full of adorable animals. Thanks to social media and the rise of “pet-fluencers,” it’s so easy to access cute animals that melt your heart with their looks. On my Instagram, half my feed is that of feline pet-fluencers who are just too precious not to follow. While I must confess I’m definitely more of a cat person, I have to admit that dogs on Instagram are nothing short of delightful as well. 

There are lots of dogs with unique physical features that have made quite a persona for themselves online. That is the upside of social media – you’re now able to follow animals you never would’ve known about ten or fifteen years ago. And if there is one thing we’ve learned from social media it’s that the world is full of unique and charming dogs. 

One such pup is Goma. She has been rising the ranks of social media fame thanks to her very unique appearance. While most humans would be teased for having such large ears, Goma is actually gained lots of notoriety and praise for her big-eared aesthetic. Goma is a four-year-old mix that has both Maltese and Papillon genes. This combination has resulted in her being born with a very striking resemblance to Mickey Mouse. In fact, her look has gotten her the nickname “Mickey Mouse Dog.” She’s got an all-white body except for her ears which are grey in color. In addition to the change in color from the rest of her body, Goma’s ears have another interesting feature. There are incredibly fluffy, which helps to bring that Mickey Mouse-like look that she’s got going on. 

While the whole world is fixated on her ears, Goma is completely unaware that she stands out from any other dog. Fame has not gone to her head in the slightest. This precious pooch is just like any other regular dog. She loves to spend her time going on walks, playing with her toys, and napping in her warm bed. And she loves to spend time with her owner which means that she also spends plenty of time posing for her in front of the camera. This little pooch is no stranger to playing dress-up, something that only ends up making her look even more adorable than she already is. We can’t get enough of this sweet girl’s Instagram pictures.

Check out some of her looks below:

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